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Morgan’s Range of Brew Concentrates.

Since 1989 Morgan's have been synonymous with superior brewing products for the discerning beer drinker. The challenge of creating and enjoying beers carefully brewed by your own hands has its rewards. It's the acknowledgement by family, friends and fellow brewers that here is a brew of obvious quality, full flavour, distinctive and enjoyable. That's the feeling of satisfaction you'll experience with Morgan's brews.

Be the ‘Brew’ your friends and family admire, brew your own and crack a cold one around the fire.


1. Please read instructions thoroughly before starting.

2. Clean all equipment prior to starting, preferably with a no-rinse sanitiser.

3. Remove the packet of yeast situated under the lid on the Morgan’s Tin.

4. Place the Morgan’s Tin into warm water for ± 10 minutes so that the extract inside loosens from the walls of the tin.

5. Pour 4L of hot water into your fermenter.

The water does not need to be boiling, hot water from the geyser is suitable.

6. Add contents of the Morgan’s Tin to fermentation vessel.

Stir thoroughly to dissolve the syrup.

7. Add cold water to make total contents up to 23L.

Try to pour the water in from a height to add oxygen to the mix, this will help improve

the fermentation process. Stir thoroughly.

8. If you have a Hydrometer, take a gravity reading by removing a small sample of wort

from the Fermenter.

Remember, if you take the sample using the tap, syrup could have built up in the tap

itself so dispose of the first 25ml, as this sample will be inaccurate. Pour a second sample and make a note of the starting gravity reading.

9. Open the packet of yeast and sprinkle on top of the wort.

Stirring is not necessary.

10. Close the Fermentor.


1. Ensure Fermenter is sealed tightly.

2. Sanitize the Airlock and then fit it to the Fermentor.

3. Allow the brew to ferment at a constant temperature of between 22 - 30°C.

25°C is ideal.

4. Leave the ferment for a total of about 7 days in summer and 10 days in winter. Longer

fermentation is not a problem but do not exceed 3 weeks.

5. If you have a Hydrometer, take a second gravity reading. Determine the beer’s alcohol

percentage using the starting gravity reading and this, the final gravity reading. A

standard reading should be around ± 4% ABV (Alcohol by Volume)

6. 24 – 72 hours before bottling, carefully open the Fermenter and sprinkle in the Beer

Finings. Slowly stir the wort with a sterilized spoon to spread the finings across the

entire surface area of the beer. Do not overmix.


1. Ensure bottles and bottle tops are sanitised before use, preferably using a none-rinse


2. Add 1 Carbonation Drop per 375 / 500ml bottle or 2 Carbonation Drops for 750ml


3. Allow bottles to stand at room temperature of 22 – 30°C for 5 days to allow beer to fully carbonate.

4. Allow another 10 days at room temperature to fully mature. The finished beer will

continue to improve with further ageing. Most Brewers will allow their beer to stand for at least 4 weeks.




All recipes are used at your own risk. Avon Guard East cc T/A Millside Craft Distilling Supplies cannot be held liable for any consequential losses.


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