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Silicone Gasket, ABS Plastic & Stainless Steel Bottle Cap
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The Bottle Replacement Swing Caps are designed to insert into the top of the bottle, creating an instant airtight seal.

The Bottle Replacement Swing Caps come with a bail lever which installs onto the bottle, providing added stability. Matching pad and nuts are included, making it easy to use.

Ensure compatibility with your bottle before ordering.


Bottle: 17mm ID

Clamp Ring: 27mm ID

Cap Top Diameter: 2.5cm

Height: 2.1cm

Cap Bottom Diameter: 1.4cm

Rubber Gasket: 1cm ID

Rubber Gasket: 2.4cm OD (Uninstalled)

Metal Wire Diameter: 3mm


To attach to the bottle, place the bail lever on one side of the neck and the swing cap on the other.

Insert one wire prong into one hole, then slide the other prong along the glass towards the opposite hole until it clicks into place.

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