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125L NANO-X 2V TWIN PLUS+ (Pricing on request)

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We have supercharged the NANO-X 2V Twin to create a truly unique system that merges both the brewing & distilling worlds.

Introducing the NANO-X 2V Twin Plus+…

Featuring the same unique 2V manifold system, twin pumps & twin touchscreen controllers from the NANO-X 2V Twin, the Twin Plus+ includes all this PLUS the integration of a 4” Copper Pot Still!

The NANO-X 2V Twin Plus+ allows for Pro-Brewing & Distilling all out 1 compact 2V NANO System!


With this 125L NANO-X design crafted towards the “café styled” breweries, we knew that having the ability to both brew and distill out of a single system would allow for a more diversified product range for the small start-up breweries.

Looking back on our previous NANO-X designs, we saw the perfect opportunity to integrate a distilling option all within a single system. High quality and production volume was a focus for NANO-X Vol.3 and with the NANO-X 2V Twin built with volume and quality in mind, it made sense to integrate the 4” Copper Pot Still to create “The NANO-X 2V Twin Plus+”

Again with this NANO-X design we had a strong goal to make sure that all vessels required were included in this system. Production volumes of 100L of finished wort PLUS a 100L wash volume is all achievable with the Twin Plus+

We thought we pushed the boundaries with the NANO-X 2V Twin BUT the Twin Plus+ takes these boundaries to a whole new level!

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