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MSBAB - 100g
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: 100g

Aronia Berries are native to North America and Nordic countries. They add a fresh and complex flower note to Gin when distilled in small, fast Pot Still. They can be used to replace Juniper berries.

When distilling the Aronia Berries, a fresh and gentle fruity sweetness unfolds. The Citrus notes are intense and fresh, but not bitter. Pairs well with other unique botanicals such as Cinnamon, Cassia and Cardamom.

The flavour has components of tartness & dryness with earthy undertones. While the high tannins contribute to its astringency, much like a dry wine.

The Aronia Berries are commonly known as Chokeberry, which is named as the berry has a very tart quality and the fact that it often makes your mouth scrunch up when you eat it. This flavour becomes much more palatable when the berries are sweetened or used in various dishes.

Additional Information:

Aronia Berries are commonly used in sweets, desserts, cakes, beverage flavouring, yoghurt, juice, beer, gin, ice cream, wine, syrup and can even be brewed as a herbal tea infusion.

Rich in anthocyanin, carotenes, flavonoids and other organic antioxidants, in addition to vitamins and minerals, these super berries may play a major role in boosting health and treating/preventing a number of medical conditions.

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