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MSBBBPF - 100g
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: 100g

The Blue Butterfly Pea Flower is the Chameleon ingredient in Craft Gins, Vodkas and Tequilas.

The flower, which goes by various names, is native to tropical Asia and is a striking blue hue. It is used as a natural colorant in food, teas, beverages and waters. The most distinctive characteristic of the flower is that, when added to any cocktail, it will change the colour when the pH balances changes.

When mixed with other ingredients, the Butterfly Pea Flower can change ordinary cocktails into a kaleidoscope of colour. From deep blue to a vibrant purple, from yellow to pink, the variations are endless.

Colour Variations and Tricks:

Blue to Purple:

Add lemon juice - the more lemon juice is added, the deeper the shade of purple.

Blue to Bright Pink:

Add Tonic or Soda

Bright Pink to Blue:

Add Potassium Carbonate

Blue to Bright Red:

Add Roselle Hibiscus Leaves

Butterfly Pea tea can also be frozen in ice cubes and included in cocktails or punch bowls where it will cause the drink to change colour as the ice cube dissolves, leading to what has been labelled as a ‘mood ring cocktail’.

Instructions for Use:

Always experiment with a small sample to begin with before steeping an entire batch.

Once the required outcome is achieved, proceed with the batch processing as follow:

Steep the required amount of Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers into the Neutral Spirit of your choice – Gin, Vodka or Tequila. The spirit can be high proof or already diluted for use.

Once the required colour is achieve, filter the Spirt and discard the waste

Additional Information:

Medicinal Uses:

Blue Butterfly Pea Flower, sometimes known as the Blue Tea, is a powerful antioxidant that supports overall health. In many countries it is made into a tea which is drank regularly and used for the following:

Powerful Antioxidant

Supports Skin Health

Supports Hair Growth

Anti-Infection & Anti-Diabetes properties

Boost Brain Activity

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