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Stainless Steel - Home Combo System
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Introducing the Millside 20L Stainless Steel Home Brewing and Distilling System – the perfect solution for crafting professional-quality brews and spirits within the confines of your own home.

Experience the joy of creating a diverse array of exceptional beers, spirits, liqueurs, and ciders, all from the convenience of your home setting.

Designed to operate seamlessly on any medium or large gas or electric hob, this system includes a Still Head that necessitates the use of a small water pump for efficient cooling (Not Included).


Millside is a Registered Alcohol Still Manufacturer, holding full licensing from SARS for the import, export, and manufacturing of alcohol stills, giving you peace of mind.

Embark on your Brewing and Distilling journey effortlessly with our reliable and proven equipment.


20L Stainless Steel Upgradable Brew Pot with a False Bottom, Lid Clamps, Drain Valve, Spare Side Port, Distillation Lid and Temperature Gauge. The Stainless Steel Brewing Pot features 1.5" Tri-Clover Fittings allow additional features to be added at a later stage.

1.5" Tri-Clover Based Still Head with Copper Internal Reflux Column, Condenser and Temperature Port. A small water pump will be required if there is no connecting to a mains water supply.

FermZilla Fermenter - Flat Bottom - 30L (PET) with Airlock (Three-piece) + Airlock Grommet, Digital Temperature Sticker Thermometer, Volume Sticker and a All-In-One Carry Handle. Super Smooth Surface - The PET is super smooth making it easier to clean. Other HDPE Fermenters have very porous wall meaning Krausen sticks to the walls and the holes in HDPE are large enough for bacteria to grow in the wall of the Fermenter. The FermZilla Fermenter - Flat Bottom - is suitable for liquids up to 40°C.

Alcoholmeter - A tool for gauging the alcohol percentage in your distillate or wash.

Hydrometer - A tool for measuring the specific gravity, potential alcohol and Brix value before fermentation, during and after.

pH Test Strips - Strips utilized for precise measurement of pH levels.

Digital Temperature Gauge - Employed for accurate measurement of column temperature.

Large Dial Temperature Gauge - Ideal for measuring the temperature during grain mashing. Mounted on a removable Tri-Clover Fitting secured with a Tri-Clover Clamp.

The Brew Bag (Brew-In-A-Bag) - A high Quality Polyester Bag manufactured from 63 Micron Mesh with a 25mm Webbing Drawstring.

Additional Items:

The following items can be provided if required, with an additional cost:

A Tasty Beer Recipe for your First Brew.

A range of Botanicals and Yeasts for producing Gins, Whisky, etc.

Bottle Capper for Glass Bottles.

Grains for Peated Whisky, Rye and Corn Bourbon, Vodka etc.

Sanitizer for keeping the system bateria free - Acidisan is a high foaming acidic liquid sanitizer or Sanox is a free rinsing peroxyacetic based antimicrobial product.


Glass / Plastic Bottles - These can be purchased online from multiple suppliers.

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