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Keg and Fermenter Washer Kit
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Product Details

The Bucket Blaster is a great way to clean Kegs, Cornelius Kegs, Fermenters, FermZillas, Carboys and other brewing vessels.

Additional Information:

Simply setup the Keg Washer Basin with your cleaner or sanitiser, set a keg or carboy on over the jet nozzle, power up pump and let the keg washer do the work.

Cleaning and Sanitising Agents:

The following cleaning and sanitising agents are recommended for use with the Bucket Blaster:

Acidisan – Cleaning Agent (MSA1)

Sanox – Sanitising Agent (MSS1)

Included in the Kit:

1 x 15L Bucket – This can double as a storage container when the system is not in use.

1 x 2000 Litre per Hour Pump

1 x Spray Wand with Jet Nozzle

1 x 9.5mm EVABarrier Tubing

1 x 9.5mm DuoTight Tee-Piece

2 x 9.5mm DuoTight FFL Fitting

1 x 9.5mm DuoTight ½” Male Fitting

1 x MFL Ball Lock Disconnect Grey – Gas

1 x MFL Ball Lock Disconnect Black – Liquid

1 x BSP ½” Female Tee-Piece

1 x BSP ½” Male Adaptor

1 x Stainless Steel Stand

Instructions for Use:

For instructions on how to assemble, operate and maintain the Bucket Blaster, please refer to the GENERAL heading on the Millside Landing Page and select the required PDF.

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