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MSCR - 100g
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: 100g

Calamus Root is used to flavour many Liqueurs, Beers, Bitters, Tonics and Gins.

Calamus Root imparts a note similar to ginger with a slightly bitter finish. Sweet tasting, with flavours similar to a mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger with a bitter aftertaste.

Calamus is a key ingredient in Absinthe.

Additional Information:

Calamus Root is commonly known as Sweet Flag and has been used by various cultures since Biblical times. Its uses range from aphrodisiacs in China to combating infectious diseases in Turkey, to curing indigestion. It is also reputed to have hallucinogenic properties.

Sweet Flag was heavily used by perfumers and makers of powdered wigs. Dutch children were given the rhizomes as a form of chewing gum or as crystallized candy.

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