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MSBCF - 100g
Flavour & Colour
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: 100g

Calendula Flower, commonly known as a Marigold, is a common flower used in Craft Gins, Vodkas and Tequila.

Calendula Flowers have a mild taste when compared to other flowers. It has a soft bitterness that is by no means overwhelming and the petals give a sweet, dry, peppery taste.

The aroma of the Calendula Flower has a tropical note but remember the flower has a much stronger aroma than the taste it imparts.

The Calendula Flowers infuse a beautiful saffron colour into any Neutral Spirt, making this a firm favourite with cocktail lovers throughout the world.

Additional Information:

This highly versatile medicinal ingredient, Calendula Flowers are also steeped for tisane and teas, added to salads and soups or frozen in ice cubes to make that summer cocktail so much more attractive.

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