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KL10788 - Red
Carbonation, Line Cleaning & Pressure Cap
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Product Details

The Carbonation Cap is manufactured from high quality engineering plastic which is chemical and impact resistant, ensuring longevity. The thread specifications on this product is the PCO 1881 – Coke Bottle Thread.

The Carbonation Cap has been designed to fit both FermZilla lids and soda bottles.

These are a must if you have a Keg system.


The Carbonation Caps are a quick and easy way to carbonate beer or a traveller.

They are also great to clean a beer line.

Price is per single unit.

This Carbonation Cap is also suited to any of the FermZilla products such as the FermZilla Pressure Kit.

Please Note:

DuoTight Fittings can be attached onto the back of the Carbonation Cap.

If you use the DuoTight – 6.35mm ¼” Female x 8mm 5/16” Female Reducer, this will allow you to attach 8mm OD EVA Barrier 4mm or 5mm ID Beer Line

If you use the DuoTight 6.35mm ¼” Female x 9.5mm 3/8” Female Reducer, this will allow you to use the larger 6mm ID x 9.5mm OD EVA Barrier Line.

Liquid and Gas-Ball Lock compatible.

Additional items shown in the pictures are for graphic purposes only and are not included.

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