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PLA - Food Grade
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The DuoTight Disconnect Spanner is a very handy tool which attaches quickly and effortlessly to the DuoTight Ball Lock Disconnect, making the process of stripping and cleaning the Ball Lock, simpler and hassle free.

In order to clean the DuoTight Ball Lock Disconnect the top segment of the unit needs to be twisted anti-clockwise to open and clean the inside portion. This can be difficult and often requires using a vice grip or water pump pliers which can damage the segment. The DuoTight Disconnect Spanner was developed specifically to solve this problem.

The DuoTight Ball Lock Disconnect Spanner has been manufactured from PLA plastic.

Additional Information:

Best of all the DuoTight Disconnect Spanner can be used to tighten the unit, once DuoTight Ball Lock Disconnect has been cleaned.

Polylactic Acid (PLA) is a thermoplastic monomer derived from organic sources such as corn starch or sugar cane and is known as the Environmentally Responsible Plastic.


Suitable for use with both 8mm and 9.5mm DuoTight Ball Lock Disconnects.

DuoTight Ball Lock Disconnect is sold separately - used for graphic purposes only.

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