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R1 790.00
PET Conical Fermenter
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Product Details

FermZilla is a high-quality Conical Fermenter manufactured from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate).

This vessel allows the user to perform pressure fermentations when used with the appropriate accessories or standard type fermentations with an airlock.

As FermZilla is made from PET, the vessel does not absorb odours and is easier to clean than conventional plastic fermentation vessels.

The large 120mm opening allows the user to perform quick cleaning with ease.

FermZilla has many accessories to accommodate both standard and pressurized fermentations.

The unit allows for vessel-to-vessel transfer and carbonated beer can be tapped directly from the unit with accessories.

Standard Features Include:

3-Piece Airlock.

Lid and End Cap.

Thermometer Sticker.

Volume Graduation Sticker.

Stainless Steel Stand.

Stainless Steel Grab Handles.

Additional Accessories:

Please contact us directly for a list of additional accessories available.

Special Instructions:

Maximum allowable pressure – 2.4 Bar.

Do not drop the unit.

Do not exceed the recommended pressure rating.

Do not scrub with abrasives.

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