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British Hops
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One of the quintessential English hops, Fuggle is prized for its earthy, floral, and understated fruit characteristics.

Primarily used as an aroma hop, it will give your beer a "British" flavour that is distinct from the popular North-Western varieties like Cascade, Centennial, Columbus or Chinook.

The Fuggle hop originates in England and was first discovered in 1861 in a hop yard owned by George Stace in Kent. Some 14 years later it was officially named and introduced by Richard Fuggle of Benchley in 1875.

Similar to a Styrian Golding, is noted for its distinct European aroma and has enjoyed a long, versatile run. At its peak nearly 100 years ago, Fuggle was known as a dual-use hop. Today however, as other higher alpha acid varieties have become more prevalent, it’s now more prominently used for its aroma.

Fuggle is generally associated with delicate and pleasant mint, grass, and floral tones.

Fuggle is a fine choice when making any English Ales, including Bitter, ESB, Pale Ale, Stout, Strong Ale, Cask Ale, and many more.




Earthy, Floral, Fruity Aroma



Alpha Acid Composition

2.4% - 6.1%

Beta Acid Composition

2.1% - 2.8%

Co-Humulone Composition

25% - 29%

Total Oils (per 100g)

0.44 – 0.83ml/100g

Country of Origin



English Ale, Porter, Mild Ale, Bitter, Extra Special Bitter, Lambic, Amber Ale, Cask Ale, Stout, Oatmeal Stout, Strong Ale, Nut Brown Ale, Golden Ale, Christmas Ale

Replacement For

Fuggle (US), Willamette, Stryrian Golding, Tettnanger and Newport

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