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R2 250.00
Botanical Infusion Basket
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Product Details

The Inline Gin Basket including Mesh Filter is the perfect way to include Botanicals into the vapor stream.

The Main Housing can be installed at various locations either at the beginning or at the end of the vapor stream.

The Internal Basket is easy to install and various Botanicals can be layered by the Distiller in impart flavour to the Distillate.

The Botanicals can pass directly though and around the sides of Mesh Filter. The Top Spacer assists in moving the vapor to the sides of Gin Basket, pushing the vapor through the installed Botanicals, imparting additional flavour.

Additional Information:

The Top Handle on the Inline Gin Basket allows for easy removal.

The Inline Gin Basket including Mesh Filter can be mounted on various size Stills using Tri-Clover Reducers and Clamps.

For example: A Tri-Clover Conical Reducer 4" to 2" can be installed.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

The Inline Gin Basket and Mesh Filter can be separated and remove for easy cleaning.

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