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Easy to Install Heating Element
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Product Details

The 304 Stainless Steel 2200W Weld-Less Heating Element is designed to fit a 32mm hole inside the wall of a Brewing Vessel or Boiler.


This Heating Element does not come with the IEC Power Cord - KL03520

Instructions for Installation:

The Heating Element goes inside vessel with washer attached. It is then pushed through the electrical cord through the 32mm hole. Then pull over large hex nut over the electrical cord and tighten from the outside.

Additional Information:

Supplying power from an IEC cord allows the unit to be used in a smaller hole than if the cord was hard wired.

It is recommend to use a MKII - Temperature Controller (Heat & Cool) to run this element with the appropriate thermowell or temperature probe attachment.

If the Heating element is going to be used directly in a Mash Tun, it is recommend that the Brewer purchase a Power Control Chip 3600W to modify the power output to the element. Too higher power directly in contact with the malted grain can cause scorching/off flavours as the temperature may not be evenly distributed and isolated purely around the element itself.

For the Distiller, it is possible to use a 50L Keg and drop some string onto the end of the power cord and pull through the keg without having to get your hand in there.

Powerful enough to use on 50-100L Boilers and Vessels. Multiple elements may be required for larger volumes and depending on what temperature is required.

When inserted into the vessel, this element will protrude 300mm. Please ensure that there is enough room in the vessel to house this element prior to drilling.

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