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MSBHFC - 100g
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: 100g

Hibiscus Flowers have a tangy flavour that some say resembles Pomegranate or Cranberry.

Hibiscus have been among the more popular flowers used in Gin, lending to a Berry flavour resembling that of Jam. It imparts a is less delicate and much more robust note than other floral ingredients.

Additional Information:

Dried Hibiscus Flowers are traditionally used in making teas but they also add a beautiful floral touch to soups and breads, for example (you can mix them into bread dough before baking). You can use infused hibiscus to make your own beneficial hair and skin rinses and face masks and they're a popular natural colourant in many DIY products. They also make lovely decorations for table settings, homemade cards, gifts and the like.

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