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Recipe 48
Recipe #48
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A Hazy IPA (Indian Pale Ale), like the name implies, has a cloudy, hazy appearance which is difficult to see through. The careful planning of hops and malt, along with less filtering before packaging, yields a beer with lower perceived bitterness than other IPAs and hop character that’s decidedly fruity and juicy.

Hazy IPAs are produced by adding more fruit-forward ingredients which results in a creamier texture and flavour. This is because the fruit solids are suspended in the beer and give it a fuller flavour. Subdued bitterness makes the Hazy IPA more refreshing and easier to drink than regular IPA’s. The fruit flavours are more intense and stand out from other Beer types. With a yellow, orangey appearance, the Hazy IPA is said to resemble orange juice, hence why it is also known as the juicy IPA.

The difference between a regular IPA and a Hazy IPA is that the Hazy IPA produced by adding a secondary fermentation process to the brewing. This results in a Beer that is cloudy, which imparts a stronger topical fruit flavour and aroma. Regular IPAs are filtered to give them clarity so that their colour and taste are not altered, and often have flavours pine, citrus, and a higher bitterness.

The Hazy IPA give people something they don’t find in a Regular IPA: juiciness, tropical flavours, and a fuller mouthfeel.

The Millside Kee's Hazy IPA Recipe Kit Includes:


Finest Maris Otter® Ale Malt; Flakes Torrefield Oats; Wheat Malt; Dextrin Malt


Cascade Pelleted Hops; Magnum Pelleted Hops; Mosaic Pelleted Hops; Citra Pelleted Hops


LalBrew® Verdant IPA Yeast Sachet


Yeast Nutrient and Kettle Finings

Easy to Follow Instructions


All recipes are used at the Brewer's own risk

The Hazy IPA is not suitable for long-term storage and should be consumed within 2 to 3 weeks to enjoy the maximum flavour imparted by the hops.

Millside Craft Distilling Supplies cannot be held liable for any consequential losses

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