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Recipe #68
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Krok Czech Premium Lager is rich and complex in flavour, with a medium bready-rich malt that has a slight impression of caramel and floral, herbal and spicy hop character. The Krok Czech Premium Lager has a long, rounded finish and is complex yet well-balanced and refreshing. The malt flavours are complex for a Pilsner-type beer and the bitterness is clean yet strong which gives a rounded impression that enhances drinkability.

Known for being made with a soft water profile, bready pilsner malt, Saaz hops, and a clean fermenting lager yeast, Krok Czech Premium Lager may sound easy enough to brew, though this style traditionally employed a number of involved processes including a decoction mash and cool fermentation with an extended lagering period.

The Krok Czech Premium Lager is gold in colour with a very clear clarity and medium body. A dense, long-lasting, creamy white head, finishes off the experience.

Additional Information:

While the term Lager is presently a noun used to refer to a specific subset of Beer, it started off as a verb that described the way certain Beers were treated during and after fermentation. To put it simply, traditional Lagers are fermented cool with Lager Yeast before being lagered, or allowed to mature at cool temperatures in the presence of yeast over an extended period of time. It’s this very process that’s credited by many as producing the quintessential crisp and clean characteristics associated with lager styles.

The Krok Czech Premium Lager has more colour, malt richness and body than a German Pilsner, with a fuller finish and a cleaner, softer impression. It is also stronger than a Czech Pale Lager.

The Millside Krok Czech Premium Lager Recipe Kit Includes:


Wheat Malt; Extra Pale Malt; Caramalt


Hallertau Perle Pelleted Hops; Saaz Pelleted Hops


LalBrew® Diamond Lager Yeast Sachet


Yeast Nutrient and Kettle Finings

Easy to Follow Instructions


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