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Lalvin EC1118™ yeast is a highly robust and versatile strain, extensively used in the wine industry for its reliable fermentation kinetics and neutral sensory contribution. Whether for sparkling or still wines, or even fruit ciders, it ensures high-quality results, preserving the natural flavours of the primary ingredients. Its resistance to osmotic pressure further enhances its reliability across various fermentation conditions.


Sparkling Wine:

Base Wine Production - Excellent for producing the base wine for sparkling wine.

In-Bottle Secondary Fermentation (Prise de Mousse) - Ideal for the critical secondary fermentation process in bottle-fermented sparkling wines.

Still Wines:

White Wines - Widely used for fermenting white wines due to its neutral sensory profile.

Red Wines - Also extensively utilized in red wine production for its reliable performance and minimal flavor contribution.

Fruit Ciders - Suitable for fermenting fruit ciders, adding to its versatility.


Robustness - High resistance to osmotic pressure, which helps maintain consistent fermentation even under challenging conditions.

Neutral Sensory Profile - Provides very little yeast character to the final product, ensuring that the intrinsic flavors of the fruit are highlighted.

Versatility - Effective in a wide range of fermentation applications, from various wine styles to fruit ciders.

Grape Variety Pairing:

Universal Suitability - Due to its neutral sensory impact, Lalvin EC1118™ can be paired with all grape varieties, making it an ideal choice for diverse winemaking needs.

Additional Information:


Lalvin EC1118™ has been selected from a renowned sparkling wine region for its exceptional performance in sparkling wine production.

Key Properties:

Lalvin EC1118™ is highly resistant to osmotic pressure, making it robust and reliable for various fermentation conditions.

Alcohol Tolerance:

Up to 18%

Fermentation Range:

10 - 30°C (50 - 86°F)

Inoculation Rate:

0.2 - 0.4g/L

Fermentation Kinetics:

Known for its strong and consistent fermentation performance, ensuring reliable results.

Sensory Contribution:

Lalvin EC1118™ has minimal sensory impact, allowing the natural flavours of the grapes to predominate.

Storage and Handling:

For the best results with Lalvin EC-1118™ yeast, store it in dry conditions at a temperature range of 4°C to 15°C. Short-term exposure to room temperature, such as during transport, is acceptable. Minimize air exposure during handling to prevent rapid loss of yeast activity.

Directions for Use:

Please see back of sachet for 'Directions for Use'.

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