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Lalvin ICV D47™ yeast is highly valued for its ability to enhance the aromatic and flavor profile of wines, particularly those that undergo barrel fermentation. Its high polysaccharide production results in a round, soft palate with good weight, while its β-glucosidase activity enhances terpene levels, contributing to complex and stable aromas. Ideal for premium white wines, especially Chardonnay, as well as other grape varieties like Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Roussanne, Sauvignon Blanc, and Viognier. This yeast is also versatile enough for use in making mead and fruit ciders.


Barrel Fermentation - Especially suitable for barrel-fermented white wines, adding complexity and richness.

Lees Aging - When left on lees, the yeast develops spicy, tropical, and citrus notes, resulting in wines with a silky persistence.

Recommended Grape Varieties:





Sauvignon Blanc


Wine Styles:

Complex White Wines - Produces wines with citrus and floral notes, ideal for premium, barrel-fermented white wines.

Rosé Wines - Enhances the complexity and aroma of rosé wines.

Other Fermentations - Suitable for a wide range of applications, including mead and fruit cider fermentation.

Additional Information:


Isolated from must in the Côtes du Rhône region in France by ICV, Montpellier. Selected from 450 isolates collected between 1986-1990.

Key Properties:

High polysaccharide producer known for enhancing fruit flavors and providing volume to wines. Ideal for barrel fermentation of white wines.

Sensory Profile:

Demonstrates an enhanced aroma and flavor profile with an accentuated fruit character and a round, soft palate with good weight.


Polysaccharide Production - Contributes to a round, soft palate and enhances mouthfeel by releasing polysaccharides during fermentation.

β-Glucosidase Activity - Facilitates the expression of high levels of terpenes, including citronellol, nerol, and geraniol, enhancing aromatic complexity.

Alcohol Tolerance:

Up to 15%

Fermentation Range:

15 - 30°C (59 - 86°F)

Inoculation Rate:

0.2 - 0.4g/L

Aromatic Stability:

Helps stabilize aromatic compounds, contributing to a consistent and enhanced sensory profile.


Tropical fruit and white ‑oral notes.

Storage and Handling:

For the best results with Lalvin ICV D47™ yeast, store it in dry conditions at a temperature range of 4°C to 15°C. Short-term exposure to room temperature, such as during transport, is acceptable. Minimize air exposure during handling to prevent rapid loss of yeast activity.

Directions for Use:

Please see back of sachet for 'Directions for Use'.

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