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MSBLRK - 100g
Flavour, Aroma & Mouthfeel
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: 100g

Liquorice Root has an earthy, hay-like, woody aroma which will add a light crystalized sugar flavour with an aniseed tone. It has the powerful capacity to changing the texture and mouthfeel of a spirit, bringing oily, viscous qualities.

Additional Information:

Liquorice is a herbaceous perennial grows up to a metre high, flourishing in the best well-drained valleys that receive plenty of sunshine. The roots of the plant are long, horizontal stems and it is these that are harvested and dried.

Liquorice Root is a sweet, woody botanical that has been used as a sugar alternative for centuries. The largest misconception is that people think Liquorice Root is similar to liquorice sweets, it couldn’t be further from the truth. It tastes nothing like liquorice sweets.

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