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MSBMOPR - 100g
Flavour & Aroma
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Product Details
: 100g

Mandarin Orange Peel imparts a fragrant, sweet and slightly tart citrus taste taste and is a wonderful companion to a spicy or earthy flavour of your heavier Cassia, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg and Grains of Paradise.

Mandarin Oranges have large concentrations of limonene in glands close to the surface of their peels, which are released when rubbed or heated allowing them to infuse very well.

Additional Information:

The Mandarin Orange Peel Ribbon is cut to a width of ± 5mm.

The Mandarin Orange is a small, rounded citrus tree fruit with a distinct orange flavour.

The Mandarin Orange Peel can be used fresh, zested, whole or dried.

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