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The Indian Pale Ale (IPA) was founded for the sweat-soaked khakis of first British Indian Army who endured the equatorial heat. The soldiers pined for a beer from home, a good English Pale Ale. Their calls were answered and a beefed-up version of the Pale Ale was created in Britain, a beer which could withstand the long, tedious journey on board ship with no refrigeration. Using more hops and having a higher ABV, with assertive bitterness and an interesting flavour-interaction between hop and malt. it was the best ‘thirst quencher’ among the British Troops stationed in India.

The IPA had a higher alcohol percentage which helped the Troops forget they were posted far from home and allowed them to become more intoxicated much faster, on less Beer! So the name Indian Pale Ale was born from keeping British Troops ‘Happy’ and by the country it was consumed in.

IPA is enjoyed worldwide and we all agree; the love of the game is as passionate as the love for the Beer itself. So brew up an IPA before the cricket, football or rugby season, it will be memorable!

The Millside Amarillo IPA Recipe Kit Includes:

5.50kg x Best Pale Ale Malt

0.50kg x Caramalt Crystal Malt

0.25kg x Dark Crystal Malt

120g x Amarillo Pelleted Hops

1 x Voss Kveik Ale Yeast Sachet


The Water Additions are NOT included in the Kit.

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