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NANO-X 4V - 500L TIP NANO BREWING SYSTEM (Pricing on request)

Professional Brewing System
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500L 4 Tip NANO Brewing System: Includes 26 Plate Gasketed Chiller (Australian Designed and Australian Made by Cheeky Peak Brewery)


Please contact us for latest pricing and shipping dates.

Introducing the all new 500L NANO-X 4 tip brewing system. Customers have been absolutely loving our tip systems so we have added a double Mash Tun, Double Boiler system for higher production output. Our tipping systems are without doubt the market leading systems in Australia and we have also shipped them internationally. Customers can see the labor time savings, and the ease and speed of grain removal without the labor intensive method of other systems.

Our Goal with the 500l System:

The 500L was designed with the intention to give our customers a greater volume tipping system option. Beyond the already massive amounts of labor savings in terms of cleaning time and grain removal time, as well as creating a less labor intensive system to use, we have now given brewery customers the ultimate flexibility with their beer production. Not only does it produce 500L of 1 style of beer, the system also allows brewers to produce two different beers at once, enabling a brewery to fulfill its demand across different beer styles when unexpected product sales demand occurs. There is no stones unturned with this system, we kept brewery business needs in mind and the brewers of those breweries in mind when designing a larger tipping system for our customers. In our opinion we have created a system that gives a brewing business endless flexibility and at an affordable price.


  • 2 X 270L Jacketed Mash Tuns with separate sparge port and separate recirculation port
  • 2 X Clean In Place Spay Balls for ease of cleaning all 4 vessels
  • 2 X Motorized push button tipping cradles
  • 2 X Manual tipping cradles for dumping trub from your boiler
  • 4 X 5750w 25amp Elements (2 X Elements for each boil kettle)
  • All Tri Clover element for easy removal and cleaning of all elements within the system
  • 2 X Motorized Tipping Motors with tipping cradles for Mash Tun grain dumping (no more shoveling)
  • 2 X Manual Tipping Cradles for Boiler Kettle trube dumping and Boiler Kettle cleaning
  • 2 X TC Flow Meters for instant flow rate setting when mash recirculating
  • 2 X 270L Boiler Kettles with rotating whirlpool function and rotating pick up tubes
  • 2 X 3200w 15amp elements for RIMS recirculation
  • 2 X 3″ TC Sight Glass Pro RIMS packages
  • 2 X Mash Tun sampling valve for easy PH and Gravity testing during mash and sparging periods
  • 1 X Double stage, side of system mounted, Flexi Filter for pre chiller filtration and filtration of wort prior to crossing into your fermenter. Filter can be removed and also used as a fermenter Hop Injector and fermenter to keg filtration system. Very flexible dual use filter.
  • 4 X Industrial 80amp NANO Boss Touch Screen Controllers (Australian designed and made, Heat mapping, wifi control, voltage control, water proofing and fire retardent materials on controller casing, AUD certified and a whole lot more).
  • 2 X Industrial 80amp NANO Boss Relay modules (Pro PH meter and Level sensor sold separately)
  • NANO Boss Controllers and Relays are set up for wall mounting beside the system
  • 1 X Heavy duty Australian made 304SS brew frame with 4 X adjustable height heavy duty caster wheels and 2 X breaking heavy duty caster wheels. The system can be moved and put away to make more space for customers when required
  • Very small foot print compared to other systems of similar or slightly larger volume production.
  • All vessels have welded TC ports for easy removal of all fittings for cleaning
  • Volume etched marking internally on vessels
  • 1.5″ TC Butterfly valves, 1.5″ TC 1/2″ 3 Piece valves and 1.5″ TC 1/2″ Sight Glass valves used across the system
  • 2 X Blichmann RipTide pumps for mash recirculation and operated from the NANO Boss touch screen controllers
  • 2 X 65w Magnetic Drive pumps for wort transfer, also operated from the NANO Boss touch screen controllers
  • All Tri Clover fittings for easy sealing and easy operation
  • 26 Plate Gasket Wort Chiller with new 1.5″ TC fittings
  • 10m Silicon Hose
  • 1 X 304SS Heaving Duty Mash Paddle
  • 3 X 500mm Passivation fluid for SS passivation prior to use
  • All kettles suitable for direct fire i.e LPG Burners
  • IP66 Rated (water proof) AUD Standard and certified plug tops for all elements to enable use in wet areas
  • 6″, 8″ and 10″ Attachable distillery options available and sold separately for those that whish to bring spirits into their beverage line up
  • Height 1.8M
  • Width 1m
  • Length 3.4m

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