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125L Brewing system
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The Nano-X -SV 125L is a professional all in one upgradable brewing system.

Unlike fixed all in one vessel systems this massive 125L monster is modular, all parts can be disassembled for easy cleaning, the controller can accommodate amperages up to 32amp or 7000w. Ports can be blanked off if not used or configured differently based on your requirements.

Batch sizes from Please see the attached video using the SV 125L.

The Nano -X-SV 125L can be fitted with a range of accessories including the use of gas as an alternative heat source.

We are currently in discussion with the designers to further broaden the use of the controller, this will allow control of a gas burner using the supplied Nano boss controller.

The super powerful 65w wort pump allows for (CIP) cleaning of the unit and includes a CIP spray ball. This is a class leading wort pump unlike the standard 25w on most other systems.

The shower ball allows for effective gentle wort recirculation over the entire grain bed and comes standard with the system.

The Nano-X-SV 125L has a triple sandwich base which allows the use of a gas burner without scorching and evenly distributes the heat across the entire base.

The Nano Boss controller has a large format touch screen high resolution display,

The Nano Boss controller is programable, and allows for full control of the brew day temperatures and pump control.

The Wi-Fi enabled unit is packed with features, the developers are constantly upgrading and adding additional features. The unit can be upgraded with the latest features remotely.

The heavy duty 304 SS mesh basket has built in retaining clips, simply lift the basket and the clips deploy to hold the basket in place for sparging. The 300 Micron basket acts as a super effective method of eliminating unwanted particles in the wort while allowing effective mashing and sparging.

The rotating whirlpool arm comes standard and is fully user adjustable, the powerful 65w pump makes easy work of the job.

The sight glass valve is a great addition for inspection of the wort. The adjustable racking arm allows the user yet further adjustment.

The entire chassis and all parts are made from high quality stainless steel.

The user can remove the Low watt density element for cleaning or replace with a higher rated element if desired. The unit comes standard with a 4500w element but can be upgraded to 5750w.

The Nano-X range can be upgraded, substituted or used in or with other components in the range.

So if you are looking for a fully comprehensive brewing system with high end specifications for domestic or professional use i.e.: Commercial product development then look no further.

The video below shows the SV 125L with optional accessories.

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