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230L DT
Turnkey Brewing System
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NANO-X SV170 Pro – Turn Key Pro Brewing System

Without a doubt the best Single Vessel system offered on the global market. Australian designed, over 50% Australian made products. This system has it all as we have not left any stone UN-turned. Designed by Cheeky Peak Brewery (CPB) staff with over 25 years of collective commercial brewing experience and presented as the best turn key single vessel system in the world, in our opinion.

Welcome to the new SV170 Pro which is CPB’s largest single vessel system. We have built this system very tough in order to last a life time. Thick and strong 304 Stainless Steel is used in the construction of this system.

The system Malt Pipe has thick reinforced lifting rings to make it the toughest SV on the market. We have backed this system up with a big pump, not a little tiny cheap one like found on other systems.

The Australian made and built controller running this system is the Boss, the NANO Boss commercial controller version. The NANO Boss commercial comprises of an 80amp relay to ensure you have no issues with your controller. The NANO Boss is touch screen, wifi, Bluetooth and to top it all off it also has the much wanted and desired voltage control, all built into a very nice looking controller box.

The NANO SV170 Pro includes everything that you would find in a commercial system. Tough kettle, tough Malt pipe, commercial controller and commercial Gasketed Plate Wort chiller, Whirlpool Counter Flow Chiller, SS hot and cold side Flexi Filter to prevent blockages within your commercial Plate Chiller., plus a whole lot more. Competitor products have small pumps, very cheap home brew chillers and thin SS constructed systems with controllers assembled in China comprising of cheap electrical components, basically hot water earns spiced up a little to save money.

The NANO SV170 also comes with a 250kg small malt pipe winch, no manual handling required to lift a full malt pipe. Keeping the system all very compact is our all new Australian made and CPB designed FlexCube. The FlexCube enables fluid transfer through the top of the stand and from under the stand giving the SV170 Pro a foot print of 840mm Long, 700mm Wide and 1680mm high. With the malt pipe raised and resting on the rim of the 170L vessel the total height is 1950mm.


  • NANO Boss Commercial 80amp touch screen temperature controller
  • NANO Boss Controller also has voltage control for the perfect boil rate adjustments
  • NANO Boss pump operation at the touch of a button
  • 5750w Single Phase 25amp Element
  • 2″ Tri Clover mounted element for easy removal and cleaning
  • 100% Sanitary 3 Piece Ball Valves provided
  • 100% Sanitary 1.5″ Stepped Butterfly valve on kettle outlet
  • All power connection have IP66 rated plug tops which makes power connections water resistant ensuring brewer safety
  • NANO-X SV170L Pro Vessel
  • NANO-X Heavy Duty 304SS 170L kettle Malt Pipe (Built Tough)
  • Single Stage Filter System to prevent blockages within the provided 17 Plate Gasketed Wort Chiller.
  • Tri Clover filter connection so the filter can also be used to filter beer from a fermenter to a keg
  • 304SS Large Tri Clover 304SS Counter flow wort chiller for chilling without going through the filter. Whirlpools cause trub disturbance which would cause filter blockages and blockage in the provided plate chiller. To avoid this a whirlpool chiller is provided and the plumbing to direct wort to the whirlpool chiller only. This function is very important for those 80 degree whirlpool hop editions.
  • 17 Plate Tri Clover Gasketed Plate Chiller. Top of the range plate chiller supported by the CPB Flexi Filter
  • One water in input and plumbing to send water through both provided wort chillers without changing hoses
  • Water out and water in are both on the right side of the system
  • 65w 10amp Pump with 1.5″ TC fittings
  • Malt Pipe 250kg Electric Winch and fittings to attach to our heavy duty 170l Malt pipe
  • Shower Ball Re-circulation kit on provided malt pipe lid
  • CIP Spray Ball provided on 170l kettle lid
  • Heavy duty Silicon Hose
  • All plumbing & hose fittings supplied
  • Inline oxygenation manifold on the out of the 17 plate chiller. Ball Lock Quick disconnect fitting for inline oxygen input
  • Inline CO2 manifold with Ball Lock Quick Disconnect post fitting for easy CO2 connection. Port used to flush all wort out of plumbing lines and Wort Chillers to ensure no beer wastage due to long plumbing lines. (5 PSI max pressure for plumbing flushing)
  • Easy to set 304SS re-circulation flow meter, get the right re-circulation and sparge speed at the twist of a valve
  • Rotating controller arm to angle the NANO Boss touch screen into a position that suits the brewer
  • Compact small foot print system
  • Dual inline chilling
  • Whirlpool addition chilling system
  • Whirl-pooling kit
  • Rotating internal pick up tube
  • Rotating Whirlpool arm
  • 1.5″ Tri Clover sight glass for inspecting wort clarity
  • Front of kettle hose connection filling port
  • Hose connection plumbing provided on both wort chillers
  • 1.5″ Tri Clover Pump connection for easy removal of pump. This enable the pump to removed from the system so the system can be hose cleaned or pressure washed
  • 1.5″ Tri Clover Controller connection for easy removal of the NANO Boss Controller enabling the system to be hose washed or pressure washed
  • Inline re circulation temperature reading
  • 1.5″ Tri Clover wiring housing can be provided (sold separately)
  • ++++++ MORE!!!
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