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MSBORC - 100g
Flavour & Aroma
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: 100g

Orris Root has large floral notes and a sweet smell that is most often compared to violets. It also carries an earthy, dusty sweetness, similar in taste to liquorice sticks.

Orris Root has the remarkable ability to bind and enhance other aromas. The nose is dry, sweet and clean, while the mouth is strong, sweet and woody.

Additional Information:

A lot of work goes into harvesting Orris, after three to four years of growth, the roots are dug up and left to dry for many years, usually five years or more, before being ground to powder.

Orris has cheek filling qualities and is capable of adding depth and texture to a gin. This root is a little shy in gin as it is often used in very small doses. It shares strong similarities with angelica, which is also used as a binding agent.

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