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The Oxebar 20L Amber PET Keg and Pressure Fermenter Tank, has superior oxygen barrier properties with three times better (less) gas transmission than traditional PET plastics. This makes it perfect for storing Beer or other oxygen-sensitive carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.

The Oxebar 20L Amber PET Keg features a Floating Dip Tube with a Cage Filter, and its design allows for easy stacking upside down with the Disconnects attached.

The Oxebar 20L Amber PET Keg come equipped with a Green Pressure Relief Valve rated to 65 psi.


Diameter: 235mm

Height: 640mm

Additional Information:

The Oxebar has a 20L brimful capacity but is ideally filled to 19.5L for Kegging purposes.

If you are going to use the Oxebar 20L Amber PET Keg as a Fermenter, we recommend filling it with between 15L and 18L.

When Fermenting, a Spunding Valve is required, and it is suggested that a BlowTie Spunding Valve (KL09706) or an Integrated Gauge BlowTie Spunding Valve Kit (0 - 15PSI) is used.

PLEASE NOTE: A PRV is NOT a Spunding Valve

Other Uses:

Overflow Homebrew Keg

Cleaning Keg for Commercial Keg Buyers

Pressure Fermenter Tank.


1 x 20L Amber Mono Barrier PET Oxebar Keg

1 x Dual PCO1881 Lid assembly with Oxebar Black Handle

1 x Green Pressure Relief Valve - 65PSI

1 x 100cm Silicone Hose with Stainless Steel Float and Hop Filter Cage

1 x Multi-Gas Post Plastic Carbonation Cap - Red

1 x Multi-Liquid Post Plastic Carbonation Cap - Yellow

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