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9.5mm (3/8”) Female Splits To 2 x 9.5mm (3/8”) Female
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Product Details

The Push-Fit Fitting is a high-quality component with superior sealing capacity, thanks to its Double O-Ring design.

The Push-Fit - Y Type - 9.5mm (3/8”) Female splits into two 9.5mm (3/8”) Female connectors, allowing you to easily divide a line into two separate lines.

Widely used in the commercial beer and beverage industry, Push-Fit fittings are incredibly convenient. Simply push the tube into the fitting to create an instant, permanent, and leakproof connection.

Additional Information:

The Push-Fit Fittings are designed for easy connection, disconnection, and reuse without the need for replacement parts or tools.

Hand tighten only. Over tightening could damage the fitting.

The Push-Fit Fitting is food quality and suitable for potable liquids, air or inert gases.

The Push-Fit Fitting can be used with soft metal or plastic tubes.

Operating Pressure:

1psi - 100psi


EVABarrier 6mm ID x 9.5mm OD Line.

This fitting is NOT compatible with 8mm OD EVABarrier line with a 4mm or 5mm ID. There are other Push-Fit Fittings that are sold separately for this application.


The colour of the Push-Fit Fittings may vary depending on stock supplied - White, Cream, Grey or Black.

It is recommended that the tube is cut straight, not at an angle, to ensure the line has a complete seal.

To remove the fitting, simply push in the collet and the tube can then be removed.

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