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Foaming Acid Detergent
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Product Details

Acidisan is a high foaming acidic liquid sanitizer, consisting of a blend of inorganic acids and selected wetting agents, finding applications in food, brewing and beverage industry.

Acidisan can be used in both manual and mechanical applications.


  • High strength acid cleaner.
  • Passivating acid rinse.
  • Prevents mineral deposits.
  • Restores oxide coating to stainless steel.
  • High foaming.
  • Manual and mechanical applications.
  • Very economical.

Directions for Use:

  • Dilutes with water at a concentration of 5ml – 20ml of Acidsan concentrate to 1000ml of water.
  • Use immersion, course spray or circulation techniques as appropriate to the equipment.
  • All surfaces should be exposed to sanitizing solution for a period of at least 5 minutes or more.
  • Rinse all surfaces well with potable water.


Gloves and goggles must be worn as a precaution when handling the concentrated solution.

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