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MSBSB - 100g
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: 100g

Sloe Berries are small, pea-shaped, blue-black berries that are commonly used in the production of Sloe Gin. Sloe Berries are distinctively tart, with a slightly bitter, rich almond flavour.

Sloe Berries are in the same family as prunes, plums and cherries. If eaten raw, they are incredibly sharp and will dry your mouth out before finishing the first one.

Sloe Berries are best used as a flavouring to deliver a rich plumminess, especially in Sloe Wine, Whisky, Gin and Vodka. The berries can also be used in jellies, syrup and chocolate

Additional Information:

Blackthorn is famed for its purple fruits called Sloes. Mature trees can grow up to 7m in height.

In Sloe Gin production, the Sloe Berries or Blackthorn Berries are then infused in Gin. Castor Sugar is then added along with other Botanicals. This mixture is left for several weeks and or months allowing the flavours to fuse together and mature.

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