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Shatter Resistant - Tri-Clover Beaded
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Product Details

The PPSU shatter resistant Tri-Clover 2" Sight Glass - Beaded - has been manufactured from a heat-resistant material called PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone) and is light Amber in colour.

The PPSU Tri-Clover 2" Sight Glass is suitable for use with any 2" Tri-Clover Ferrule with a 2" Tri-Clover Flat Seal and 2" Tri-Clover Clamp.


Replacement for the sight glass provided in the BrewZilla Distillation Lid with sight glass.

Additional Information:

What is PPSU?
PPSU is an excellent choice for components that are exposed to high temperatures (up to 200°C) and corrosive media due to its exceptional chemical resistance. As well as being extremely impact resistant.

This type of plastic has been used as it also has superior thermal and mechanical properties with the added benefit of being transparent. Intricate parts that would have been near impossible to manufacture in Stainless Steel or lab-grade glass, to be injection molded. Because this is a very unique type of plastic, it comes at a much higher cost per kg than other industrial plastics and more than Stainless Steel.

PPSU Plastics Offer:

High Operating Temperature (180°C)

Good Chemical Compatibility

Excellent Resistance to Hydrolysis (Suitable for Repetitive Steam Sterilization)

High Rigidity over a Wide Range of Temperatures

Very High Impact Strength

High Dimensional Stability

Very Good Resistance against High Energy Radiation (Gamma and X-Rays)

Good Electrical Insulating Properties

Favorable Dielectric Characteristics

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