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Recipe 32
Recipe #32
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Weissbier is one of the oldest Beers on the market today. Originating in Bohemia, Weissbier originally known as “Weisses Beer” (White Beer), is part of a 500-year-long tradition. Independent of the type of grain being used, it soon developed into the only kind of beer that was allowed to be brewed with wheat in the summer months. For that reason, Weissbier has remained the first choice of Beer on a hot summer’s day.

Today Weissbier is brewed with at least 50% wheat malt. Much more than the grain bill, the use of the specific yeast determines the Weissbier characteristics. Key aromas produced by the yeast impart the banana flavour isoamyl acetate and the clove flavoured 4-Vinylguaiacol.

While different types of Weiss have distinctive tastes, they will all have that noticeable balance of banana and clove flavours that range from a soft to a more pungent note. The creamy foam that builds on the head of the glass reveals the cloudy unmistakable Weissbier beneath, thanks to the high-loaded proteins in the Wheat. Weiss is not Weiss without the Wheat!

Some moderate bubble-gum and vanilla-like characters are perceptible, with a sweet roundness emphasizing the banana flavour. Malt is a Weissbier that is soft with grainy and bready textures to enhance sweetness. Since there is a little hop in this Beer, there is a slight bitterness to this beer.

Weissbier is, however, always effervescent due to its creamy fullness and incredible mouthfeel. The aroma is also appreciable as the flavours used are light, with minimal vanilla and tart citrus. Not to mention, an excellent dry finish.

The Millside Vincentis Weissbier Recipe Kit Includes:


Wheat Malt; Pilsner Malt; Vienna Malt; Caramalt and Rice Hulls


Tennang Pelleted Hops


LalBrew® Munich Classic Yeast Sachet


Yeast Nutrient and Kettle Finings

Easy to Follow Instructions


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