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Volumetric Water Measuring Device
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Product Details

The Fill-O-Meter is a must have for any Home-Brewer. This clever device takes the stress out of standing next to the hose waiting for the required amount of water is needed for that all important Brew. Simply select the required amount of water and walk away.

Unlike other tap timers that simply measure time, the Fill-O-Meter measures the volume of water and will automatically turn off when the specific volume of water is dispensed.


The Fill-O-Meter is supplied with an EU PLUG. An adaptor will need to be purchased. NO ADAPTOR IS SUPPLIED BY MILLSIDE.


Displays real time flow rate and volume (Litres per minute or Gallons per minute)

Mains Power Supply included (never change a battery again)

Accurately measures and controls volumes at flow rates from 1 - 30L per minute.

Never overfill or have a pesky spill over again.

Splash resistant housing.

Integrated flow meter and solenoid valve.

Illuminated display.

Integrated sound alarm.

Easy ½" BSP Inlet and Outlet.

Power Supply Input: 100 - 240VAC (50/60Hz)

Power Supply Output: 24V DC, 1.5ALCD: 3” back lit display.

Housing Material: ABS.

Input / Output Threads: G ½".

Pressure Rating: 0 - 12bar (0 - 180psi)Accuracy: +/- 5%

Flow Range: 1 - 30L per minute.

Temperature Range: 0°C - 40°C when using mains water pressure of 180psi.

0°C - 80°C when using at 60psi.


Set up the Fill-O-Meter with either the Garden Hose Connectors or a Type A Camlocks.

Thread tape will be required if Camlocks are used.

Use sparingly as too much Teflon can damage the plastic thread.

NEVER overtighten the connections.

Additional Information:

The Fill-O-Meter can also measure the amount of water used in the garden.
The Fill-O-Meter is also great to use when filling swimming pools, water tank, mixing liquids, etc.


*** WARNING ***

DO NOT overtighten the Inlet and Outlet Connections.

DO NOT connect the flow of liquid in the wrong direction, it will break the unit.

DO NOT overtighten fittings onto the ½" ports.

DO NOT allow a water temperature greater than 80°C to run through the unit.

Accuracy can be improved with stable flow.

Repeated Start, Stop or Variation in water supply can have negative effect on accuracy.


If for any reason the power turns off, then the Fill-O-Meter will shut-off the flow.

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