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PLA - Food Grade
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The BlowTie Spunding Valve Spanner is a very handy tool which attaches quickly and effortlessly to the underside of KegLand's BlowTie Spunding Valves, making the process of stripping and cleaning the Spunding Valve, simple and hassle free.

The BlowTie Spunding Valve would not normally be able to be opened for cleaning, leaving doubts as to the cleanliness of the valve, making the BlowTie Spunding Valve Key a must for any Brewer.

The BlowTie Spunding Valve Spanner has been manufactured from PLA plastic.

In order to clean the BlowTie Spunding Valve, the spanner needs to be inserted on the base of the unit and then twisted anti-clockwise to open and clean the inside portion.

Additional Information:

Best of all the BlowTie Spunding Valve Key can be used to tighten the unit once has been cleaned.

Polylactic Acid (PLA) is a thermoplastic monomer derived from organic sources such as corn starch or sugar cane and is known as the Environmentally Responsible Plastic.


Suitable for use with both KegLand's BlowTie Spunding Valve.

The BlowTie Spunding Valve is sold separately - used for graphic purposes only.

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