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After many months of development, R&D and patience, Millside is proud to announce the first 70l 4.5kW Mega-Mash Commercial Series Brewing System.

Millside partnered with one of the brightest Electronic Engineers in SA to develop the most advanced fully modular 70L Brewing System.

The Mega-Mash Commercial 70L Brewing System is upgradable - components can be changed to suit individual needs.

Millside can develop this controller to suit many applications including 3-Vessel Systems up to 9kW.

Fully integrated control of electronic valves, fermentation equipment and electronically control pumps can provide accurate volume control.

Millside is able to offer larger variations of this system including a 100L, 125L or 160L versions in Single or 3-Vessel Systems.

Please contact us directly for further information for a private viewing or production times


A 20AMP Circuit Breaker is required for this System.

The Mega-Mash Commercial Brewing System can be controlled via the Built-In LCD screen or on a Laptop.


4.5kW Heating Element - Tri-Clover Based- Replaceable and upgradable to 5.6kW.

65W Stainless Magnetic Drive Pump Feeding to a Custom Manifold.

Separate 1.5" Tri-Clover Adjustable Whirlpool Arm with Sight Glass to view wort clarity.

Custom 1.5" Tri-Clover Wort Pick-Up Arm - Adjustable.

½" Camlock Port with Manifold Connection to feed wort passed the Heating Element during mashing. This ensures the wort is heated evenly and without scorching.

1.5" Tri-Clover Spray Ball for mashing and CIP functions - controlled via separate Valve at the Manifold.

Arctic Counterflow Chiller included with separate supply from Manifold.

Dual Temperature Ports for measuring wort temperature during the mash and boil, and measurement of the cooled wort exiting the Artic Counter Flow Chiller.

Custom Control Box mounted to the Stainless Table including Touch Screen Control Panel and Heavy Duty 32amp Connectors. A sperate Isolator for emergency shut off comes standard on the system.

The Control System allows full control at the system or remotely via your laptop.

The user has full control of all aspects of the brewing process.

Setup the Control System to suit your needs using the CraftbeerPi Platform.

Millside Custom Controls and PCB's allow the user to control up to 9kW of Heating Power, control the Pump Speed electronically and measure the wort and Counter Flow Temperature Points.

Add your recipes from BrewFather to the system or setup manual controls on the easy to use interface.

Millside can upgrade the controls to remotely control your fermentation equipment on the same platform.

Heavy Duty Triple Clad Brewing Pot manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel. Suitable for Gas or Electric use.

Heavy Duty Stainless Table with Manifold Mountings and Control Box Mountings.

Heavy Duty Silicone Hosing with Camlock Connections for quick and easy removal.


Add extra Temperature Ports.

Replace the Silicone Tubing with Stainless Steel Tubing.

Upgrade the Element.

Add a Basket Lift.

Add Castors to the Table.

Control Fermentation devices.

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