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Recirculating Infusion Mash System - 2200W
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Product Details

The all new Mega-Mash Pro Series RIMS System, is a fast effective way to heat your Brewing water before and during the mashing period.

Wort is pumped from the Brew Kettle through the Mega-Mash Pro Series RIMS System and back to the Kettle.

Additional Information:

RIMS standards for Recirculating Infusion Mash System.

Recirculating the wort in this way promotes clarity by filtering wort through the grain bed during the mash.

It also helps maintain an even temperature throughout the mash and permits Brewers to raise the mash temperature easily when necessary.

The benefits of using a RIMS system is well documented, a must for Brewers who seek Brewing perfection.

Standard Features Include:

The Mega-Mash Pro Series RIMS System was designed with a sight glass in-line to allow the Brewer to view the process in action.

The Mega-Mash Pro Series RIMS System has Camlocks as standard for quick connection to most Brewing systems.

The 2200 Low Watt density element makes quick work of heating the wort and comes with a Quick Disconnect Female 3-Pin Plug for easy connection.


ALWAYS ensure the pump on the Brewing System is switched on FIRST before the Mega-Mash Pro Series RIMS System is activated.

Millside suggested that a N/O circuit replay is wired in to the pump supply, once the pump is activated the reply is then closed allowing the Mega-Mash Pro Series RIMS System circuit to operate.

The Mega-Mash Pro Series should be controlled via a PID Controller to maintain the desired mash temperature and prevent scorching.

Instructions for Use:

Choose a location where the Mega-Mash Pro Series RIM System needs to be mounted - the system can be installed horizontally or vertically.

As the Inlet is bi-directional, it can be used from the side or front.

Connect the Camlock to the Pump Supply Outlet and the opposite Camlock to the return on the Brew Kettle.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

The Mega-Mash Pro Series RIMS System can be disassembled in a few seconds, making the system easy to clean.

The Tri-Clover Seals that are used on the system are easy and cheap to replace if necessary.

Additional Accessories:

25W and 65W Magnetic Drive Pumps can be added.

Additional Silicone Hosing and Camlocks are also available.

Mounting Brackets options can be purchased separately if necessary.

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