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Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
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The RAPT Pill acts as both a real-time gravity testing Hydrometer and Thermometer allowing instant gravity and temperature measurements. Log into the system to check readings from inside the Fermenter during fermentation.

The RAPT Pill boasts many advantages over other wireless Hydrometers and Thermometers including a tough and sanitary design making it less susceptible to errors as a result of Hops, Krausen (The Krausen is the foamy head that constitutes on top of a fermenting body as it sits in the fermenter) or CO² Bubbles build-ups. With better ergonomics, this handy wireless Hydrometer and Thermometer is a must for any Brewer.


The RAPT Pill allows accurate and precise, true real-time specific gravity and temperature control via either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth integration with the RAPT Fermentation Chamber (KL15813), RAPT Mobile App or RAPT IOT.


The RAPT Pill allows the Brewer to instantly read and log the specific gravity and temperature of the fermentation via the RAPT Mobile App on a compatible Android Smartphone or Tablet, Apple iPhone/iPad or via the RAPT IOT Hub on a Windows or Mac Computer.

Additional Information:

The RAPT Pill has a long battery life and can last 2-5 months between charges when utilising Wi-Fi. If only using Bluetooth the battery can last ± 2 years before needing to be recharged.

The RAPT Pill has a USB-C Charging Port on the circuit board allowing fast charging from any USB-C Cable.

The RAPT Pill has an optional upgradable external antenna -sold separately. This can be installed onto the circuit board allowing the RAPT Pill signal to pass through thick-walled Stainless Fermenters such as Kegmenters.

The RAPT Pill is universal and is compatible with most standard Carboys, Cornelius Kegs, Stainless Steel Fermenters and Pressurised Fermenters.

When using a stainless fermenter be aware that the signal strength is greatly reduced. An additional router close to the fermenter may be necessary. With thick walled fermenters the RAPT pill may not work.

Pill Housing Design:

The RAPT Pill housing boasts many advantages compared to other wireless Hydrometers such as:

Manufactured from Strong BPA Free Tritan Plastic.

Greater Ergonomics - The shape of the RAPT Pill has been designed for improved usability compared to other wireless hydrometers, such that the RAPT Pill separates into two pieces at the midline of the Pill rather than requiring a difficult to remove end cap to be unscrewed.

Sanitary Design - The RAPT Pill has no exposed Thread and a Double O-Ring Seal which allows for a water-tight seal with reduced risk of infection.

Less Susceptible to Error - The larger housing of the RAPT Pill compared to other wireless hydrometers means that the gravity logging is less susceptible to error from Krausen, Hops or CO² Bubbles from fermentation.

Housing Colours:

There are different coloured housing available:

RAPT Pill – Red Housing (KL20602)

RAPT Pill – Green Housing (KL20626)

RAPT Pill – Blue Housing (KL20619)

RAPT Pill – Yellow Housing (KL20633)

RAPT Pill – Clear Housing (KL26864)


The RAPT IOT Hub is a free service whereby any RAPT enabled product can both log and store data to the hub where the Brewer can conveniently access this data.

The RAPT Hub can also allow the Brewer to control their devices remotely giving them absolute control of the device irrespective of where they are.

The RAPT Portal enables the Brewer to make complex temperature profiles that involve different temperature settings over time meaning the Brewer can start/run a temp profile giving them a set and forget experience. The RAPT Portal also controls the alert/notification process for the Brewer to receive email notification in the off instance that something doesn't go to plan.

There is no limit to the number of RAPT devices that can connect the RAPT IOT Hub. This is in contrast to other popular wireless hydrometers where the Brewer is limited by the number of hydrometers that can be connected to an app.


The RAPT Pill is fully Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable.

At present it can be integrated fully with Wi-Fi. Bluetooth integration will be enabled with a later firmware update.

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