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CarbX  Pro - NEW Release COMING SOON

CarbX Pro - NEW Release COMING SOON

COMING SOON... Attention beverage enthusiasts and aficionados! We have an announcement that will make your taste buds tingle with excitement! Introducing the highly anticipated Limited Release of the all-new and improved CarbX Pro System, proudly developed over an entire year of meticulous craftsmanship by Millside. Prepare to be blown away, as it not only boasts lightning-fast carbonation capabilities for your favorite beverages, but also doubles as an extraordinary Inline Pressure Filtration and Transfer System. That's not all! This versatile wonder even functions as a High Pressure Cleaner for Keg Posts and the seamless transfer of finished products. With the CarbX Pro, your beverage dreams are about to become a sparkling reality. Cheers to innovation, convenience, and endless fizzy fun! At Millside we are dedicated to bringing the age-old craft of distilling to your home or business. Built by a passion for distilling, Millside was created to bring the best products and ingredients to your home or business distillery. For emerging and established alcoholics (alcohol enthusiasts) a like. Making your own craft liquor can be daunting, Millside will make this process simple and easy. The right equipment for the job, coupled with some great recipes and tips will make the process a whole lot of fun. Check out our online store at for all your craft distilling needs. We offer a wide range of products like, botanicals, maturation products, distilling equipment and much more. Official Distributor of KegLand in South Africa Website: Instagram: Facebook:
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